Steven Sorensen

The Basic Elements Of a Story Defined

Any beginner who is interested in making his own short film must remember that there is a story that the film follows. This is why any beginner must know the importance of the elements of a story.

1. Character

A character is a person, or a conscious participant in the story. He takes part in the action throughout the story, and the character is always whom the conflict in the story happens to. The character is who the audience relates to the most.

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2. Setting

The setting captures the time and place in which the story happens. This would account for the elements that would feature the landscapes and sceneries typical of films, which usually speak of the world that the characters are moving in. Weather, seasons, and structures are also used to increase the sense of setting.

3. Plot

A plot is a situation that a character falls into. Usually, this comes in as a series of events and character actions that ultimately lead to a character’s conflict. This is arguably what makes the story interesting, and this also becomes the emotional draw that hooks the audiences in desiring the best possible outcome for the character.

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4. Conflict

Simply put, the conflict is a struggle that a character has to go through in a story. The conflict could find the main character against another character, a force of nature, or even himself.

5. Resolution

The resolution is obviously the point at which there is something successfully done in order to address the cause of conflict. This is what brings satisfaction to the expecting audience.

Steve Sorensen is an avid filmmaker from Manhattan, New York. He has a huge interest in anything creative, most especially film production. For more updates, follow him on Twitter.


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