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Most Coveted Electric Cars Of 2017

Electric cars are about being eco-friendly and future-ready. Electric cars have come a long way; there was a time when consumers laughed at the concept. But Tesla changed the public’s perception and revolutionized the electric car market big time. Today, many manufacturers are stepping up their efforts in the electric car arena. Here are the most popular electric cars of 2017.

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Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt started with slow sales, but numbers started increasing this year. The car, which sells for under $40,000, covers up to 238 miles. Have a test drive, and you’ll see that it nearly has everything you want in a utilitarian electric car.

Tesla Model X

If you’re looking for an all-electric SUV, you got one choice: Tesla Model X. And it’s not a bad thing tough. While there were some reported glitches early on, Tesla immediately addressed the issues.

At $98,500, the Model X, which ranges up to 295 miles, costs about the same as a Mercedes S-class sedan, but you get more room in the back seat and those gull-wing doors.

Tesla Model S 85D

The Tesla Model S is the car that had people curious about electric vehicles. It is safe to conclude that it transformed the automobile industry as a whole. You could say that had Elon Musk didn’t produce the Tesla Model S, all the automakers wouldn’t scramble to build their version of the car.

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The car can run up to 335 miles. At $92,500, it’s expensive, but it has the best range, out of all the electric vehicles, so it’s worth every penny.

Steven Sorensen here. I’m a photographer and filmmaker residing in Manhattan, New York. I’m a proud Tesla owner. Follow me on Twitter for more on my interests.


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