The Four Highest Grossing Films With a Female Lead

With the recent release and success of DC’s Wonder Woman, female-led movies have been in the talks again. Wonder Woman is poised to be the most successful female-led superhero movie in history. It already broke the record for highest grossing film directed by a woman. While Hollywood is still dominated by male actors and directors, there are a lot of movies that are led by a female that broke box office records.

Image source : thehungergames.movie

Here are the 4 highest grossing films with a female lead.

Gravity — $675 million

Female lead: Sandra Bullock

With Bullock’s huge box office draw combined with impressive visual effects, Gravity pulled off a box office success. Though the script was simple, this has been Bullock’s most emotionally draining role in years.

The Hunger Games — $691 million

Female lead: Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games came at a perfect time—-the end of the Harry Potter franchise. So, movie goers were looking for the next big series of novel-based movies. Thanks to Oscar-nominated Jennifer Lawrence’s acting prowess, The Hunger Games thrived where poor Percy Jackson didn’t.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — $847 million

Female lead: Jennifer Lawrence

Taking from the success of the first movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was a sure blockbuster success. The film’s huge fanbase was a big reason for the success but it’s also fair to say that Jennifer Lawrence’s big draw was a big part too, thanks to her having won an Oscar the year before.

Alice in Wonderland — $1.024 billion

Female lead: Mia Wasikowska

Image source : wikia.nocookie.net

Maybe a big factor to the movie’s success was that Wasikowska was a relative unknown when she was cast, giving an element of surprise for the fans. Add the wonderful CGI world of Wonderland, and Johnny Depp’s draw, and you have a billion-dollar movie.

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